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Budgeting & Saving Money

From a young age I learned how to budget from my single mother, Julie, my grandfather, Armand and this knowlege was reinforced by common sense from my mentor Normen from the Big Brothers & Big Sisters association. Because I was able to quickly learn how to budget, I was able to save and budget my wages accordingly in order to purchase two residential rental properties at the age of 18.

Insight & Youth

​Being the young candidate that I am, I will bring my young drive, focus, determination and energy to city council chambers.


Owning residential rental properties have enabled me to learn how to properly maintain and repair different areas of the properties.

Business and Information Technology

I started my career in IT at the age of 15 when my uncle Eric started teaching me computer repair and networking. I was able to work at Staples while attending high school and became Staples’s team lead in their computer repair department. During this time, I also started a business and received funding from Summer Company at North Bay City Hall. My business offered computer repair on-site at the homes or offices of my clients.
Nearly the age of 20, I relocated to Ottawa for a position at Innovapost, which is Canada Post’s Information Technology company. I was hired as a consultant to support and innovate Canada Post’s DIA program, which was created to add cost savings through the means of technology for the struggling postal service.

Political Science at University of Ottawa

During my time in Ottawa, I regularly attended Political Science courses as a drop in student, as I discovered politics had become my new passion. The ability to be able to see into a situation, read every side and ultimately make a choice to better impact people was one of the many things I learned at Ottawa University.
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My priority is YOU!
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